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The Keyhome rate

Can I negotiate my interest rate?

At Keytrade Bank you immediately get our best possible interest rate for your request. There is no need to negotiate. You will receive a personalized rate, right from the start (taking into account the parameters of your specific request).

What is the "annual percentage rate"?

The annual percentage rate (APR) is a reference indicator, allowing you to compare loans offered by different credit institutions. In fact, this APR is made up of the mortgage loan plus the costs that are directly linked to taking out the loan (e.g.: insurances, notary costs, ..).

Can I have a variable rate?

At the moment, we at Keytrade Bank only offer fixed rates.

Why can't I move the slider to a lower duration?

If you cannot move the slider to a lower duration, it means that your borrowing capacity (your revenues compared to your charges), does not allow you to have such a duration according to Keytrade Bank calculations. Don't forget, the shorter the duration the higher the monthly reimbursement. Should you still want a lower duration, you simply have to decrease the loan amount via the slider.