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The Keyhome rate

Is the interest rate negotiable with Keytrade Bank?

Not really, because at Keytrade Bank we immediately offer you our best interest rate for your loan, based on the personal parameters of your application. In other words, there is no need for you to negotiate your rate at all. In our opinion, this saves you both time and frustration.

What is the “annual percentage rate” referred to in the simulation?

The annual percentage rate of interest (APR) is a tool for comparing loan offers from different credit institutions. This APR is calculated on the basis of the interest rate of the mortgage loan, plus all the costs directly related to that loan, including:

  • insurance (fire and loan protection insurance),
  • the cost of providing collateral (registration of a mortgage and/or an authorisation to register a mortgage)
  • valuation costs (if applicable)

Does Keytrade Bank also offer home loans with variable interest rates?

At Keytrade Bank, we currently only offer fixed interest rates.

Why does the slider become blocked when simulating at a shorter run time?

If you cannot lower the bar to a shorter term, this means that according to Keytrade Bank your repayment capacity is not suitable. Remember that the shorter the term, the higher your monthly payments will be. Would you still like a shorter term anyway? If so, you will have to use the bar to reduce your loan amount.