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All you need to know about the new State Notes

From and until when can I subscribe to the new State Notes at Keytrade Bank?

You can subscribe via Keytrade Bank from 24 May to 31 May 2024 end of day.

Can companies and de facto associations subscribe?

No, they can't subscribe.

How to subscribe to the new State Notes via Keytrade Bank?

Subscription is only possible via our transaction site and not via our app. Before you can start the subscription, you must make sure that you have the necessary provision (cash) in your trading account. You can use a wire transfer.

  • Step 1
Money Wire EN 1
  • Step 2
Money Wire EN 2

In addition, your 'knowledge and experience test' should also be completed. If that is not the case, you can also do so via our transaction site.

  • You can find this test
    • in the preferences
      AT EN 1
    • under Investing > Knowledge & experience assessment
      Investing preferences
  • To subscribe to a State Note, you only need to indicate that you want to trade in non-complex instruments.
    • AT EN 3
    • AT EN 4

Once there is sufficient cash in the trading account and the test has been completed:

  • Enter the ISIN code of the required State Note in the search engine at the top
  • Select now the State Note by clicking on the line
  • Proceed to the actual subscription screen.

How to complete the actual subscription screen?

You will see a screen (see example) where you can place your order. You will see that you can only 'purchase'.

  • You must select the correct trading account (if you have multiple trading accounts)
  • The default "Type" is limit price where you need to enter the percentage 100%.
  • At “Nominal” you enter the amount you wish to invest. Please note that this amount must be a multiple of EUR 100. (in the example you will see that we used 1000EUR )
  • At "Validity" you choose “Valid until cancellation”
  • After having thoroughly checked everything again, you must tick that you have read the KID. In this case, the KID is a product sheet of the State Note (only available in French and Dutch).
  • You then need to click on preview and confirm and sign your order.
preview state note

Has my subscription to the State Note been successful knowing that it is still to be found under ‘pending orders’?

Yes, no worries, until 4 June 2024 your order will keep that ‘pending’ status. Afterwards you will find your State Notes in your trading account.

Can I subscribe to the State Note via the app?

No, you can only suscribe via our transaction site.