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Replacement of the new Bancontact-Visa Debit card

Why is the Maestro debit card gradually being replaced by a Visa Debit?

Keytrade Bank has decided to switch to Visa Debit for its debit cards. A Visa Debit allows for payments to be extra secured by a CVV-code of 3 numbers. This is a code on the back of your card. Furthermore, Visa Debit has higher security standards in case of loss, theft or fraud.

After having received a Visa Debit, what happens to the Maestro card?

Your Maestro card will continue to stay active for 2 months upon receipt of your new Visa Debit, except for Maestro cards that are expiring in May 2023. Just remember that when you activate your Visa Debit, you immediately deactivate your Maestro card. However, we still advise you to destroy that old card by cutting the chip into pieces.

How to activate a Visa Debit?

This can be done on the app as well as on the transaction site:

  • Choose the “Banking” environment
  • Click or tap on “Cards”
  • Select “Activate my card”

As a result your Visa Debit will be activated. Another way to have it activated is using your PIN code at a payment terminal or at an ATM.

RecommendedTip: do not pay contactless the first time you use your Visa Debit and use your PIN code for your first transaction.

What is the difference between a Visa Debit and a Visa Classic, Gold or Platinum?

The payments that are done with your Visa Debit card are immediately debited from your current account. If you are paying with one of our credit cards (Visa Classic, Gold or Platinum), your expenses are debited the next month.

Can a deposit be paid with a Visa Debit when renting a car or making a hotel reservation?

Yes, you can pay a security deposit with your Visa Debit when renting a car or an accommodation. However, the sum of your reservation or deposit will remain 'blocked' on your account when using the Visa Debit. In case you want to be able to use the full amount of your account, we advise you to use a credit card to pay the deposit.

Can a Visa Debit be used on websites where Visa is mentioned as a payment option?

Yes, you can pay online with your Visa Debit on websites when the payment option Bancontact and/or Visa is being mentioned.

Does the switch from Maestro to Visa Debit come with any costs?

No, there are no costs involved.