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Refinancing with Keyhome

Can I refinance a mortgage loan from another bank and apply for financing for a new renovation project at the same time?

Of course. However, it is not possible to include both the refinancing and the renovation loan in one and the same simulation. First enter the refinancing details as accurately as you can. At the end of your simulation, enter as many details of your planned renovation as possible in the free text field. Be sure to mention the purpose, the total cost of the renovation and the additional amount you wish to borrow.

Our colleagues will then add the requested renovation loan to your credit file. Please note that there is a good chance this will change your rate.

Which "outstanding balance" should I enter for a refinancing simulation?

Take the repayment table of your existing mortgage loan and enter the outstanding balance for two months in the future. This means you are likely approaching the future deed date.

Can I keep an existing loan protection insurance policy If I refinance?

In most cases, this is usually possible, at least providing the term and the requested capital to be insured match.