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Refinancing with Keyhome

Can I introduce a refinancing project for my existing mortgage loan at another bank as well as a renovation project ?

Yes, although it is not possible to introduce both a refinancing and a renovation project in one and the same simulation. That is why you need to enter the details of your refinancing project and add the details of your renovation in the free text field at the end of your simulation. With details we mean: the purpose, the amount that you want to borrow and the price of the renovation. Afterwards we will add your renovation project manually in your application form. This might impact the loan parameters such as the interest rate. If this is the case, one of our credit experts will contact you.

I have an existing mortgage loan at another financial institution and I want to refinance it at Keytrade Bank. Which outstanding balance do I need to fill in for a refinancing project?

To ensure that you have approximately the right outstanding capital that will be refinanced at the moment your deed will pass with the notary, we recommend you to take the outstanding capital in 2 months.

In a refinancing project, can I keep the life insurance that I already have?

This is possible in the most cases when duration and the insured capital are equal to the new credit. To be sure, we advise you to contact your insurer.