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Insurance for Keyhome

Is an outstanding balance insurance mandatory?

Yes, an outstanding balance insurance is mandatory to have a mortgage loan at Keytrade Bank. We have selected Cardif as a preferred partner because of their highly competitive offer, but you are free to choose the insurer of your choice. This will not affect your interest rate. In some exceptional cases, it is possible to contract a mortgage loan without an outstanding balance insurance. In this case please contact us by email at

Can I choose another insurer than the preferred partners of Keytrade Bank?

Keytrade Bank believes that the offers of our insurance partners Cardif and Ethias are among the best of the market but you are free to choose the insurer of your choice. If you choose another insurer than Cardif for the outstanding balance insurance, you will have to respect the outstanding balance insurance repartition between the borrowers requested by Keytrade Bank (mentioned on the summary screen of a simulation and on your application form). It is necessary to have both the fire insurance and the outstanding balance insurance before going to the notary.

If there are 2 borrowers, is it possible to make a split for the outstanding balance insurance?

If there are 2 borrowers, a split of the outstanding balance insurance that you can take at our partner will be proposed on the summary screen of your simulation. If you want, you are free to change it as long as you respect the minimum percentage on each borrower and if you want to, you can insurance up to 100% on each borrower. Besides, you are free to take additional insurances and to choose the periodicity of the premium (monthly, trimestral, annual, etc.).

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