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How is my Keyprivate portfolio managed?

How often is my portfolio reallocated?

Reallocation reduces risk over time and can even increase returns in a volatile market. KEYPRIVATE analyses your portfolio at least once a month and compares the risk and expected return of your portfolio with the ideal portfolio for your risk profile. If a particular risk or performance threshold is exceeded, we will reallocate your portfolio. When you deposit an additional amount, we will use this money to buy trackers that are currently under-represented compared to your ideal portfolio. As a result, you will spend less (or even nothing, if the inflows are sufficient) to rearrange the sales.

Why is a portfolio reallocation necessary?

The asset classes that make up your portfolio react differently in the market, with tracker values constantly rising and falling. It is therefore possible that your portfolio diverges from the ideal portfolio for your risk profile. The portfolio must therefore be reallocated. The difference between the ideal and the actual mix in your portfolio is called 'drift'.

Can I have several KEYPRIVATE profiles at the same time?

Yes, you can open several KEYPRIVATE accounts with different risk profiles as long as they correspond to a risk profile lower than or equal to the maximum profile defined during your suitability test.