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How does the Keyhome process work?

What happens after I submit a request?

Once a loan application has been submitted, we will send the applicants an application form to be signed electronically. This is done in your personal area if you are not yet a customer or via your transaction site if you are already a customer. The application form is not a contract and is therefore not binding.

You then need to provide us with the necessary supporting documents. Once Keytrade Bank has received all these documents, your loan application will be processed (on average) within two weeks.

You can find out more about the process here.

Where can I check the status of a loan application?

First make sure you have already signed the online application form and provided us with all the requested supporting documents.

If you have done everything required, you can schedule a phone appointment via your personal area or transaction site with an expert to check on the status of your loan application.

When is a valuation needed?

Our simulation tool informs you if a valuation is required. In very exceptional cases, an expert's report may still be required after we have analysed your application. If so, we will inform you of this.

The cost of a valuation is EUR 250.

Which guarantees must be put in place in order to take out a home loan?

In the simulation tool, we always propose a mortgage, which may or not be combined with a mortgage authorisation.

When will my loan papers become binding?

Once you have signed our loan offer online, it becomes binding for you.

Is it possible to reject a loan offer?

You are naturally entitled to reject the offer. This happens automatically if you fail to sign the offer within the 20-day validity period.

When do the repayments start for a home loan, either when purchasing or refinancing?

In the first payment, you pay interest only. This first payment will be made on the first working day of the month following the deed. The first repayment as shown in the repayment schedule will take place on the first working day of the following month.

For example:

  • The deed is signed on 10 March
  • First payment of interest only on the loan amount for the period from 10/03 to 31/03 = first working day in April.
  • First payment as shown in repayment table (capital and interest) = first working day in May

When does the repayment for a home loan for a renovation or construction leave my account?

During the drawdown period, you only pay interest on the capital already drawn down. From the 7th month following the deed, you will also pay a reservation commission on the unused part, as stated in the loan contract.

You will only start repaying the principal after you have drawn down the total loan amount.

How do I draw on money from a home loan for a building/renovation?

You can do so using a drawdown document [link to document] and invoices. On this document, you indicate whether Keytrade Bank should pay the attached invoices or refund them to you. The minimum amount for a withdrawal is EUR 2,500.