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How does the Keyhome process work?

I have a construction / renovation project: how does it work for the partial withdrawals?

The withdrawals for a contruction/renovation project are executed after receiving the withdrawal document and the invoice. The invoice is paid directly to the contractor or to your account.

Do I have to pay the invoices myself?

You can send us the invoices with a withdrawal document, which you can find on the website, and Keytrade Bank will pay the invoice directly to the contractor or to you if you have already payed the invoice. The standard minimum amount for a withdrawal is €2500.

What are the next steps after introducing a request?

Once you have introduced your credit request, you will receive your application form in your personal space (if you are not a client yet) or transactional site (if you are already a client). The application form is not a contract so it is not a binding document. You can sign this form electronically and then you will have to send us the required documents. Once Keytrade Bank has received all these documents, you will receive an answer within two weeks. If you want more details about the process, please check our timeline:

When does the loan repayment start?

The first monthly repayment is due on the 1st of the following month after the deed. Example: If you sign the deed on April 19th, you will pay the 1st work day of May the prorata of interest due for the month of April. It's only the 1st of June that you will start to pay back the capital and the interest rate due on your mortgage loan. Important to know: this rule only applies for a purchase or a refinancing.

Does my type of working contract influence my credit request?

Your type of working contract my influence your credit request. When a credit expert analyzes your credit request, it is taken into account.

What is the status of my credit request?

Please verify whether you signed the application form online and sent us all the requested evidence. If that is the case: please contact us via

In which case do I need an appraisal?

In some cases, Keytrade Bank will ask an expert to evaluate the value of your property. You will be informed when doing the simulation (or by a credit expert) if an appraisal is needed. The cost of this expertise is €250.

Where can I have a view of the full process?

From the simulation until the request, you can see where you are in the process thanks to the navigation pane on the left side of the screen (or top of the screen if you use a mobile device)in the transactional website if you are a client or in you personal space if you are not yet a client. Once you submit your request, you have a clear view of all the steps until the finalization of your mortgage loan request at the top of the screen. Click here to have a detailed view of all the steps from the simulation until the credit release.

At which stage of the process does it become binding?

Once you sign your credit offer online, it becomes binding. You can have an overview of the whole process here.

How can I refuse an offer?

You are able to refuse your offer via the transactional site. If you do not react in the 20 days validity period, the offer will automatically expire.

How long is the duration of the process to obtain a credit at Keytrade Bank?

By clicking on this link, you will find an overview of the process to obtain a credit at Keytrade Bank.

The direct debit did not take place yet. When will it start?

The first direct debit will take place the first day of the month following the signature of the deed at the notary.

What kind of guarantees can I use to secure my mortgage loan?

In the simulation tool, we will always propose a mortgage and in some cases, a combination of a mortgage and a mandate. At the moment these are the only garanties Keytrade Bank can accept.