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Filling in or adapting data

Can I change the amount or the duration after having generated my offer?

If you want to modify the amount or the duration, you can send us an email to

What happens if I realize that the revenues/charges I imputed are incorrect?

If you did not submit your request yet, you can update your simulation with your correct revenues/charges. In some cases, this might update the rate as the rate you receive is partly based on your borrowing capacity (your revenues compared to your charges). If you already submitted a request, our mortgage loan experts will update the correct data based on the evidence documents you send and will contact you if necessary as this might also have an impact on the rate.

The account number on my offer is not correct, what can I do?

Please contact us via

Can I do the KEYHOME simulation on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can do your simulation on your smartphone or tablet. However, the credit request itself has to be done from a PC or a laptop.

One of my revenues/charges does not enter in one of the categories proposed on the screen of the tool, what should I do?

We invite you to mention your comment in the free text field at the end of your request or to book an appointment with one of our credit experts.

Can I fill in the personal data of my partner or second borrower?

Yes, you can fill in the personal information of your partner but at a certain point in the process, the 2nd borrower will have to sign the request to confirm.