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Documents concerning Keyhome

Can I receive the credit documents in English?

No, the credit documents are only available in Dutch or French. You can be contacted by an english speaking credit expert (after booking an appointment).

I am not able to upload my documents.

Please note that the maximum size of an attachment is 30MB. Please contact us via (if you have other issue).

How long do I have to submit all requested evidence regarding my revenues, charges, etc.?

You have two weeks as from when you received the application form to submit all requested documents.

Did you receive all documents?

Please contact us via

Which documents do I need to send?

The documents that you will have to send to Keytrade Bank depend on the type of project, the region in which the property is located, your professional status,.. On the application form you will find a list of documents to send to Keytrade Bank. The application form, including the list, will be available in your personal space (if you are not a client yet) or in your transactional site (if you are Keytrade Bank client)