Let's talk trash removal


Clean up your neighbourhood! That's the #RiverCleanupchallenge for us all. 10 minutes to lit(t)erally change your world.

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    The ugly plastic truth

    Every year, more than 11 billion kg of plastic is polluting our oceans. 80% of which through our rivers. Water makes this plastic break up in extremely tiny little pieces.

    And yes, these 'microplastics' are truly everywhere. They're even in the air we breathe. Did you know that we unconsciously inhale or take in a weekly dose of about a bank card? This simply cannot be good for our health.

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    What is River Cleanup?

    Founded by Thomas de Groote, River Cleanup focusses with its ‘River Warriors’ on:

    • Cleaning thanks to a worldwide network of volunteers
    • Informing people through workshops and lectures and make them conscious of this gigantic problem
    • Transforming organisations such as Keytrade Bank to help them reduce their environmental impact.

    More on the River Cleanup website


Ready for a 'down-to-earth' challenge?

Participate to the #rivercleanupchallenge somewhere between Earth Day and World Ocean Day

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    Put on your rubber gloves and take a plastic bag

  • pictoRiverChallengestep2

    Start collecting waste outside for 10 minutes

  • pictoRiverChallengestep3

    Take a selfie with your loot

  • pictoRiverChallengestep4

    Challenge 3 friends via social media

Keytrade Bank never backs down from a challenge

Besides our financial support, our main concern is to raise awareness as employees of Keytrade Bank.

Through information sessions we have been all our employees’ awareness on this subject. Today, Keytrade Bank is gathering all its forces to participate to this challenge and to help River Cleanup in their goal to collect waste for 100.000 minutes. And mid-May, we won’t hesitate to put our feet into the water to clean the Brussels canal.

Someone else's litter is also your problem. Luckily, together we are the solution.