Keytrade Bank chose SOPIAD to integrate a ‘sustainable preferences module’ in Keyprivate

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Keytrade Bank

Clients who want to open a new Keyprivate will need to fill out a questionnaire in which they can indicate how ‘green or sustainable’ their portfolio needs to be. This module was built in collaboration with SOPIAD, a spin-off of HEC Liège, Management School of ULiège.

Connecting the dots between ESG investment products and a client’s preferences is a lot harder than it looks.

Product Manager Trading, Investment products and Savings, Dirk Van Biesen: “By leveraging on SOPIAD’s solution Safir and expertise on this matter, Keyprivate’s investment committee is able to keep focusing on its core activity. Safir is a personalised diagnostic solution that has enabled wealth managers to bring our clients’ financial well-being in line with their personal values. A perfect example of how money can buy happiness, if you ask us.”

Julien Renkin from SOPIAD: “We are thrilled to have helped Keytrade Bank in ‘ESG-fying’ its portfolio management solution. Our collaboration gives testimony to the fact that there is a win win when fintechs and banks work together. In this case even a win win win as Keytrade bank’s clients win as well.


Launched in 2021 as a spin-off of HEC Liège, Management School of ULiège, guided by seasoned wealth management and academic experts, SOPIAD aims at simplifying investment decisions for non-professional investors. With current focus on financial advisors in Belgium and Luxembourg markets, SOPIAD is member of Fintech Belgium, the LHoFT (Luxembourg House of Financial Technologies) and the ABBL (The Luxembourg Banker's Association).

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