Looking back on 2022


Thierry Ternier

CEO Keytrade Bank

Dear Customer,

As is the case every year, I'd like to take just a few minutes of your time – I don't need longer than that to offer you our best wishes for 2023. This is also traditionally the time when we take a look back over the past year. What do we see?

Even though 2022 marked the end of Covid’s dominance – something we were all longing for – it sadly also proved to be the start of a new geopolitical crisis, resulting in an immense amount of direct and indirect human suffering. We continue to feel the effects of this pointless war every day: exponentially higher electricity and gas prices, record inflation rates and shopping carts that seem to hold less and less. This is all contributing to a pervading sense of financial melancholy.

At Keytrade Bank, we believe our role is to keep pushing back against this "negative flow". During this crisis, our bank has, in fact, had an excellent year when it comes to the figures. Our high-performance business model also allows us to be the bank that pays out to you ... not one of those banks that unnecessarily pushes inflated costs your way.

On the contrary, Keytrade Bank is pleased to give your purchasing power an extra boost. Our customers no longer pay any charges when investing in funds, and we recently increased the interest rates on our savings accounts. In addition, we continue to reward you each year when you introduce new customers to us. And you are still receiving our unique 5 cents per transaction. All these initiatives stem from one and the same source:

Money buys happiness if you invest it responsibly.

We are delighted to invest in you. And we hope you will continue to feel the same way about us for your future investments. Now that we are finally talking about our shared future, here’s a little preview: in 2023, we at Keytrade Bank will soon be celebrating our 25th birthday, and we hope to be able to do so with you in a nicer, cleaner and better world.

Did that last bit sound a bit too much like a copy-paste from a tear-off calendar printed by a well-meaning charity? My apologies – but we mean every word of it.

We wish you all an enjoyable Christmas and an unforgettable New Year.

Thierry Ternier

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