Our CEO looks back on 2021


Thierry Ternier

CEO Keytrade Bank

Dear clients,

As the year is ending, every CEO likes to look back on what these past twelve months have given. And why not? Our bank has booked great results. Partly due to advantageous market effects. It fills us with a lot of joy that more and more Belgian people are activating their savings and are finding their way back to the stock exchange.

We are clearly not alone, as we see all of a sudden a lot of players to jump in on this renewed interest in trading. As it is mainly you who is benefiting from this, we can only applaud it.

Both our approach of no unnecessary costs and our reward system of 5 cents per transaction keep on convincing a lot of new people to start working with us. Even if our gut feeling dedicates this to plain logic, it’s always reassuring to see our instinct backed up by numbers. Many people have found their way to our mortgage KEYHOME. So, yes, this remarkable year has brought us a lot of positive news.

However, I’m a bit digressing of the most important takeaway of 2021. You already know or you don’t, but at Keytrade Bank almost all of us are working from home since the beginning of Covid. This seemed the most socially sensible thing to do, even if it came with an important risk.

The continuous 100% homeworking is severely testing our staff’s resilience, which is painful to see. Our colleagues are fed up with this distance between them, as it hampers them in what they want to mean for you, our clients.

Our team is what makes Keytrade Bank unique. For years now, I praise myself with having such wonderful colleagues. If you put them together on one location, they ooze an energy which I took for granted before Covid. Believe it or not, but stretching the legs and getting a coffee in our kitchen gives more dopamine than a truckload of Côte d’Or.

That is why I only have one somewhat corny wish for next year:

May we be allowed to get safely back to the office, whenever we want to.

And for you?

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thierry Ternier

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