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Just like Horst that unites music, architecture and art, we are pleased to offer you a series of interviews. Each of these interviews will ooze entrepreneurship and a DIY attitude.

25: a talk with founder and cultural activist Dimitri Hegemann from the club Tresor Garden who sees music as a device for togetherness

1: the Brussels based BC Architects, Studies and Materials Read how they are going beyond constructing esthetically pleasing buildings.

2: Ophelia Debisschop, founder of Ophelia Lingerie Label Read how she is complimenting and embracing the female body in all its appearances while merging elegance and comfort.

3: Amaryllis Jacobs and Kwinten Lavigne of gallery Maniera Read how their gallery commissions architects and artists to design unique furniture pieces.

4: Gawan Fagard and Gwendolyn Lootens of Cinemaximiliaan. Read how they go and screen movies in asylum centers as well as in private homes.

5: Avril Ceballos, co-founder of the international booking agency futura Read how she facilitates artists in reaching their dreams and goals.

6: Helene Dumenil, founder of Ballon Rouge Collective & Club. Read how this contemporary art gallery the art world protocol defies through a focus on collaboration and exchange.

7: Leonneke Derksen, founder of LĒO. Read how her Belgian clothing label brings an uncompromising dose of clubbing-inspired realness to the fashion industry.

8: Ghamte Schmidt, founder of Bureau Punt. Read all about how this platform gives a podium to DJ’s and artists, while closing the gap between the worlds of house, techno, and hiphop.

9: Lionel Devlieger, co-founder of Rotor. Read amongst others how this Brussels-based cooperative helps the building sector to actually recycle instead of down-cycle.

10: Pierre Debusschere, a world-renowned photographer, cinematographer and art director. Read amongst others why he stays true to his Brussels scène, and why he recently opened up an art hub in the South of Brussels, 254Forest.

11: Sophie Pelletier, a young chef based in Brussels. Read amongst others why she hovers between the artistic and the culinary and what Christopher Walken has to do with this.

12: Sven Rayen, Han Swolfs and Ticuta Racovita-Cordemans of Studio Palermo Read amongst others how this versatile design studio combines music, tattoos, illustrations, fashion and design.

13: Five Oh, a creative music PR agency founded and based in Brussels. They represent a wide and varied range of both Belgian and international artists, musical events and projects.

14: Laure Decock from Elders Collectief (Elders Collective). Read all about this brand new non-profit organisation for visual arts in Kortrijk.

15: Paul Steinbrück and Louisa Vermoere from POOL IS COOL. Read all about how this independent citizen’s group aims to re-introduce outdoor swimming to the city of Brussels.

16: Nina Maat, founder of Antwerp Circular. Read all about they organise events to make sustainability tangible for a broad audience.

17: Mickael 'Mickey' Bursztejn and Jim Becker from Kiosk Radio. Read all about how Belgium’s most eclectic and successful webradio came to be.

18: Jessica Gysel, founder of Girls Like Us. Discover this magazine highlighting the work of women and transgenders in the field of culture and activism.

19: Colin Volvert, owner of the label Kalahari Oyster Cult and co-owner of distribution company One Eye Witness. Discover how Rey Colino (his alter ego from behind the turntable) guids us through the music business.

20: Ilyas Fdis from the booking agency Minor AM. Discover how he’s charting a new course for artists that challenge norms and demand a safer, healthier music community.

21: Johnny Leya from the self-described militant architecture group Traumnovelle. Discover how he still still believe in a higher Euro-topian ideal and the power of trying.

22: Roger K Burton of Save the Horse Hospital Discover how he founded this haven for countercultures while meanwhile running The Contemporary Wardrobe (a fashion archive and rental service) out of the same building.

23: Check out the conversation with Niks, the co-founder slash ‘dot connector’ at Black Artist Database, formerly known as Black Bandcamp—today known affectionately as B.A.D.  24: Kenia Raphaël of photo and video studio called Kocha Studio. Read - amongst others- more on how this young designer, scenographer, and model thinks about fair pay and seeing beauty in imperfection. 

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