The easiest way to invest in the performance of an index

What is a tracker?

A tracker is a stock market-listed index fund that combines the simplicity of shares with the ability to diversify traditional funds. This product enables you to invest in a diversified portfolio of assets with a single transaction. When you invest in a tracker, you invest in the performance of the index, so you don't have to buy the various shares that make up the index.

As an example, if you buy a BEL20 tracker, it will grow by 1% if the BEL20 increases by 1%.

The best-known indexes are the world's major 'shares' indexes: Dow Jones, S&P, CAC40, BEL20, and so on. However, there are also commodities indexes (gold, oil) and bonds indexes.


  • For the cost of one transaction, you are investing in a diversified basket of financial assets
  • Reduced risk thanks to diversification
  • Reduced costs and management fees


  • A tracker only follows an index passively. So there is no active management, unlike with funds