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KEYPLAN for kids

The first online investment plan in funds that grows with your child.

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Do you want to financially support your children, grandchildren or godchildren? Open a KEYPLAN in their name or designate them as the final beneficiary of your KEYPLAN.

Open a KEYPLAN in the child's name.

ADVANTAGE: money belongs to the child

  • The KEYPLAN is in the child's name and should be opened by its legal representatives (the parents), on their initiative or upon the request of a relative.
  • You do not decide the date the KEYPLAN is transferred to the beneficiary: upon turning 18, the child gains control of the KEYPLAN and can manage it.
  • You are not the true owner of the KEYPLAN: you cannot close it, even if you change your mind or if you need money.
  • You can stop your payments whenever you want, but the previously paid amounts belong to the child.
Open a KEYPLAN for a child

Open a KEYPLAN in your name and indicate the child as the beneficiary.

ADVANTAGE: money belongs to you until the last moment

  • The KEYPLAN is in your name and you designate a beneficiary (the name can be changed up to 4 weeks before the date of transfer). The beneficiary doesn't need to be informed of its existence.
  • You decide on which date the KEYPLAN is transferred to the beneficiary (the date may be after the 18 years of the child).
  • You are the owner KEYPLAN until the transfer date (or your death): You can easily designate yourself as beneficiary if you change your mind or if you need money.
  • You can stop your payments when you want and the money already paid is always yours.

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