Debit card on Grey Blue background (CTA)

Our free debit card

Good for 100% secure online and offline shopping with a bonus of 5 cents per transaction. Even better than free of charge!

Open an account and request a debit card

The free bank card for your everyday purchases

Opt for more ease and peace of mind with our debit card:

  • free of charge for each account and proxy holder
  • generating a bonus of 5 cents per transaction
  • DIY when it comes to the set-up and realtime management of the card
  • world-wide accepted thanks to the VISA secure network.
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    Around the world

    Combines Bancontact payment flexibility and the VISA network guarantee into a single card. Your online purchases are secure and all your transactions can be viewed in real time.

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    Configure your cards settings in real time

    Lost or stolen card? Block it immediately using the app or on If you find it again, you can unblock it just as easily.

    What's more, you can configure your card yourself: online payment, contactless, withdrawal, etc.

  • Pile of coins 2 (CTA)

    5 cents per card transaction

    Really? Sure! Just pay with your debit card. Or simply do a transfer and we will reward you. We are paying until 50 transactions per month. Simply because you deserve it.

Determine your debit card settings yourself

You can choose in realtime what you want to change or activate through the app our the secure site

Contactless payments

If you activate this option, all you need to do is hold your card against a payment terminal to pay.

Blocking your card

If you have lost your card or it is stolen, you can block the card yourself. You can do so temporarily if you think you will find it or permanently in the case of theft.

Payment abroad

Are you travelling abroad? Choose where you want to be able to pay with your card.

Cash withdrawals

Your card always you to easily withdraw cash. That's free in the Eurozone by the way.

Keytrade Bank debit card in just a few clicks