No, this is not a joke!


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Just consider as one of extra selling arguments on top of our free current account, savings account and trading account, cards and our renowned 5 cents bonus per transaction. Welcome to Keytrade Bank, the bank that is generously making a habit of paying you ... and that's no joke.

2-bit advice on video

Because it's better to laugh than to cry, Keytrade Bank has teamed up with Serine Ayari in a video campaign to tackle bad advice. Discover all the episodes here!

  • Episode 1

  • Episode 2

  • Episode 3

  • Episode 4

2 special evenings at the Kings of Comedy Club To give this digital campaign even more resonance, we organised two stand-up shows in collaboration with the Kings of Comedy Club in Brussels. For each show, our partner comedian invited other French- and Dutch-speaking stand-uppers to share the two-bit advice they had already received.

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Our 2 cents about our 2 cents campaign

Good advice is priceless, they say. Well, bad advice might be the opposite and lead to a financial hangover. Our new campaign's objective is to help weapon young people and their somewhat gullible nature against self-declared financial wizards. These finfluencers are both to be found in their social media and in their circle of friends and family.

As a non-advisory bank we like to distance ourselves from each and every so-called free financial (crappy) advice in general. Our MO: let's do it with a smile. That is why we asked comedian Serine Ayari to put together a video series in which she is portraying an infinfluencer with poor financial advice.

Our 2 cents (which are honestly worth much more): be vigilant and critical when it comes to money. Refer yourself to official and well-known institutions or sources when listening to advice about money.