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Sustainable funds

Invest while thinking of the world of tomorrow

Open architecture

Sustainable goal (Art. 9 SFDR)

Availability of a sustainable investment style

How Keytrade Bank selects sustainable funds for KEYPLAN?

In KEYPLAN, you will find various funds tagged as "sustainable". The selection of these funds and checking them against sustainability criteria was carried out by Keytrade Bank.

In making the selection, we deliberately opted for an open fund architecture. That is why funds from different fund companies were chosen. Within KEYPLAN, 7 of the 40 funds carry this tag.

The European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, also known as SFDR, has been in effect since 10 March 2021. This Regulation aims to prevent investment fund managers "greenwashing" their products and presenting them as being more sustainable than they actually are.

This is why SFDR requires managers of collective investment undertakings (UCIs) to give full disclosure of how sustainable their investments are. More specifically, they need to indicate how they integrate environmental, social policy and governance (ESG) objectives into their investment policies. They must provide this information in the prospectuses for their funds and sub-funds.

Based on this information, SFDR distinguishes three main fund categories. Article 9 covers funds with a sustainable objective. Funds that promote environmental and social characteristics, but do not have a sustainable investment objective, fall into the Article 8 category. Funds without environmental and social characteristics or without a sustainable objective only need to comply with Article 6 of SFDR.

What does "sustainable" mean at Keytrade Bank?

At Keytrade Bank, funds are only tagged "sustainable" if they have a sustainable investment objective, meaning they fall under Article 9 SFDR.

Be sure to read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and the fund prospectus for more detailed information on each investment policy.

A "sustainable" investment plan in KEYPLAN

More and more people want to generate a positive impact for the future with their investments, but find it difficult or do not have enough time to find the investment that meets their requirements. To lower the threshold for embarking on sustainable investing, we have added a sustainable KEYPLAN to our range.


  • A fund simultaneously invests in tens to hundreds of stocks or bonds. This way you spread the risk and the return on your investments.
  • The asset manager does the work for you: on the basis of various sustainability criteria, he selects the stocks and / or bonds for which he expects the most potential.
  • Possible from 25 € / year

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