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Invest in a sustainable future from €25/year.

Invest in a sustainable future from €25/year.

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The main features of KEYPLAN

Flexible and automatic payments

The amount that you want to transfer is automatically taken from your current account (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually).
In addition, you can also top up your KEYPLAN with additional payments whenever you want.

From € 25 /year

You choose the amount that you want to invest yourself. This depends on your personal situation and your short and medium-term plans.
One thing is certain:
KEYPLAN is the ideal solution for those starting to invest.

Can be consulted anywhere and anytime

Wherever you are, you can closely follow the progress of your KEYPLAN on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Go to our transactional site or simply download our Keytrade Bank app.

€ 0

Keytrade Bank does not charge any fees for the opening, management or closing of a KEYPLAN.

40 carefully selected quality funds

The 40 funds included in the KEYPLAN offer are among the best on the market. They have been carefully selected by stock exchange experts according to: performance, risk, diversification (in terms of geography and sector) and the quality of the managers

2 golden investment rules

The greatest strength of KEYPLAN is that two golden rules are respected.
With KEYPLAN, you can spread your investments over time and across different regions and sectors.
This reduces your risks, as the return on a KEYPLAN is not guaranteed.

4 menus or à la carte

For those who want to, there are four pre-determined investment styles that differ in terms of risk and potential return.
Do you know plenty about funds and would you prefer to put together your own plan à la carte? That's also possible with KEYPLAN. You can change investment style whenever you want.

You decide what you invest

You manage your KEYPLAN yourself, you take all the decisions. You can adjust the future payments in your KEYPLAN at any time in terms of the amount and frequency. And all at no cost.

You can stop after five years at no cost

You can stop your KEYPLAN at any time. All you have to do is fill in this document and send it to us.
You can stop the investment plan for free after five years. Before that you pay a fee of € 9.95 for each fund in your plan.

a good plan to take your money forward.

Whether you know a lot or very little about investing, a KEYPLAN is always a good idea.

KEYPLAN is an automatic investment plan in a basket of predetermined investment funds, but what is a fund?

The term fund refers to an "undertaking of collective investment" (UCI). UCI is a generally accepted term used for undertakings which draw their financial resources from the public and whose activity involves managing a portfolio of financial instruments. The term "fund" includes both investment companies (such as SICAV and SICAFI) and investment funds (such as mutual investment funds) and their sub-funds.

Discover the 40 KEYPLAN quality funds