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You become poorer when saving

No doubt that you have read or heard this before!
Purchasing power and loss, two concepts that nobody likes to see mentioned in one sentence.
Do you know whether the purchasing power of your savings is increasing or declining?
Or do you know the yield you are getting for your savings?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you are obviously not alone..
A survey with 1.000 Belgians* tells you that:

does not know the interest on their savings account


knows the evolution of inflation


understands the long term effects of compound interest

*Maximal margin of error with 1.000 Belgians is 3,02%.

Invest to enhance your purchasing power

There simply is no such thing as a solution that counterbalances a decline in purchasing power and at the same time is completely devoid of risks. Are you ready to accept some risks in order to compensate the decline in purchasing power? Or maybe turn it into an increase?
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  • You take the decisions in this investment plan
  • From € 25 / year
  • 40 carefully selected quality funds

Ideal as diversification of your savings

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  • You entrust the management of your money to our experts
  • Starting from € 15 000
  • 12 trackers for optimal diversification and maximum risk distribution

Ideal when you want experts to manage your assets

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