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About us

About us

The leader in online trading in Belgium for 25 years, Keytrade Bank offers a wide range of financial products and services. These are tailored for all those who wish to manage their finances by themselves, both transparently and simply.

About us

In 1998, Belgium's first online investment site was born under the name VMS-Keytrade. Immediately successful, it saw dazzling growth.

In 2002, VMS-Keytrade became Keytrade Bank and acquired its banking status by taking over RealBank.

In 2005, Keytrade Bank was acquired by Groupe Crelan (formerly Crédit Agricole) and became a 100% subsidiary. Keytrade Bank has been part of the Belgian cooperative group Crelan. Today, and this since June 2016, Keytrade Bank is part of the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa Group.

Since its launch, Keytrade Bank has enjoyed constant growth. It has successfully and smoothly come through the financial crisis, thus underlining the resilience of its business model. Its business model focuses on successfully combining the profitability of customers-investors with the bank's own profitability.

Our mission statement

« We design and put online methods that are innovative, attractive and easy to use. This allows customers to take control of their financial affairs at any time and to enjoy maximum performance at the lowest possible cost, while enabling them to interact with professionals whenever they want. We aim to be the number one bank for people who want to manage their money independently. »

Our vision

Keytrade Bank aspires to grow and develop by targeting an ever-increasing number of customers. We stand to benefit from a significant number of new customers, thanks to the penetration of the internet in Belgian households as well as financial consumers' growing interest in transparent prices and lower costs. The strategic objective is to develop Keytrade Bank as an online one-stop financial shop enabling consumers to quickly find the financial product (current account, shares, funds and unit trusts, savings accounts, deposit accounts, structured products, insurance, etc.) that best suits them.

Our commitments

The sales policy and prices offered by Keytrade Bank are transparent, fair, honest and compliant with regulations.

Keytrade Bank ensures that its online services are provided on a permanent basis.

Keytrade Bank attaches great importance to properly informing its customers about prices and risks.

The security of online transactions is a major concern for Keytrade Bank. We will continue to invest in this area while also preserving transaction efficiency and the user-friendliness of the platform.

As a result of its very cautious and non-speculative management, Keytrade Bank has come through the financial crisis and not suffered the damage that has brought down many large banks. Thanks to its excellent liquidity, Keytrade Bank is absolutely safe for investors.

Our corporate values

  • spirit of innovation
  • team spirit, involvement and solidarity between the departments
  • sense of efficiency
  • hands-on management
  • autonomy and adaptability
  • integrity