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Who’s at the door, pumpkin?

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Mum, dad, we’re in luck, it’s KEYPLAN for Kids!

It’s that time of the year when leaves are falling and there’s something in the streets you cannot escape. It looks like they are coming from everywhere. Suddenly your colleagues are talking to you much more than usual, youngsters seem to turn from hoodlums into angelic scouts, old acquaintances on Facebook are remembering you better than the algorithm does and your door bell is sounding like a song from when you were young. Meanwhile you are trying to find excuses that allow you to say no. What are we talking about. Well, the nth fundraising for the gymnastics club, dance school, football club, ski holiday,… of other people’s children.

Even though you have a distinct craving for that wonderful chocolate waffle or for that slice of sugar sweet apple pie, there is a little voice inside your head screaming to get a grip on yourself. Because if you do cave in, the sellers will be back in the morning.

Now, there is of course nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned fundraising. Especially when it involves a good cause. Quite the contrary we would say. The mechanism behind is one of the most ingenious and most perfected techniques to gather money and as a financial institute, we applaud these techniques. Most definitely when money is being raised for the well-being of children.

Look at our KEYPLAN for Kids. Did you know that it also comes in a sustainable investment style these days? Go and find out before that doorbell rings.

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