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What you learn from an investor's competition 2018

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Some time has passed since our Beleggerscompetitie / Concours Investisseur and the winners have by now been made known and received their awards. End of story, you might think, but nothing could be further from the truth. Now, it really begins. And not just for the winners. This twelfth edition was again a proverbial last little push for all 19,000 participants to make the stock market their second home.

For nearly twenty years now, we at Keytrade Bank have been trying to make online investing much more accessible for you. This is why, you have access to the international markets on our online platform, a 'starter investment plan' like KEYPLAN, discretionary portfolio management like KEYPRIVATE, an app that enables you to follow the market via the phone in your pocket or purse, and so much more.

This latest edition of our competition and the survey afterwards confirm the strength of our competition in collaboration with Roularta:

  • For approximately 80 percent of the contestants, it marked at least the second time they participated
  • Roughly 88.3% would participate again
  • 11.1% are still unsure whether they will participate again

Practising with fake money, information packaged in quiz questions and well-considered house regulations seem to provide sufficient incentive to cross that threshold. This is also why we at Keytrade Bank give our participants the opportunity to continue to discover 'trading' for real after the competition.

Ultimately, the reason we do this is an open secret: the better informed you are, the faster you will find your way and continue to find your way to the stock market.

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