Scrum Master

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    Product Factory

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    Medior (2 - 7y)

3 juillet 2023

Our offer

Keytrade Bank is a young bank, where all IT systems traditionally were developed in house. Currently Keytrade Bank is moving to a model where we focus on customer experience and innovative products, relying a bit more on off-the-shelf products and services for the basic functionality. We take this opportunity to refactor our systems following microservices architecture and Domain Driven Development.

Next to this technical transition, Keytrade Bank has moved towards a customised Agile organisation at all levels of the bank. The Product Factory (for delivery) contains autonomous Feature Teams split by business domain instead of technology. Autonomous means that each team has all the skills needed for its domain, IT as well as business. On top of that each technology has its own chapter to share and manage the technical experience.

Working in a small bank - especially in autonomous teams - is very different than working in a big bank. Responsibilities are much bigger, knowledge broader. We have a very high growth rate and we are looking for motivated people willing to become part of our dynamic teams to help improve and transform its existing trading and banking system.

Your role

As an experienced Agile practitioner, your role is to support the team in the delivery of a high quality working software by promoting the agile values and using the scrum framework.

As Scrum Master at Keytrade Bank, you:

  • Ensure the team adheres to the Scrum framework and coach the team in developing an agile mindset
  • Facilitate some of the Scrum ceremonies
  • Help the team to focus on the team’s goals and priorities
  • Support the team to keep the delivery on track by promoting transparence and applying scrum values
  • Track the team capacity and velocity metrics for planning and progress purposes
  • Remove impediments to team effectiveness
  • Coach the Product Owner in the backlog management in order to have a good balance between delivery, quality and efficiency
  • Manage team health & culture

Your responsabilities

  • You are an advocate of the agile methodology within the company and make sure that your teams learn and apply those (SAFe)
  • You keep track of all impediments that the team is facing and helps it to manage those
  • You are an actor in the transformation of the company by supporting and reporting to the transformation team
  • You participate to the Scrum Master Clinic, share good practices and contribute to develop a framework that matches with the agile values and Keytrade values, culture and objectives

Your profile

  • You have experience as a scrum master in IT operations
  • You can communicate in English and in French or Dutch.
  • You are optimistic, dynamic, solution oriented with a touch of pragmatism
  • You are not afraid to try new ideas, challenge and improve the team, product factory, organisation routine to make it more effecient and performant
  • Assertive communication skills, ability to walk to pressure
  • Conflict resolver
  • Working experience in financial sector
  • A technical background is a plus