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Investors who want to profit from a potential economic rebound in the near future invest frequently a part of their portfolio in metals.

The demand for industrial metals (such as aluminum, copper, nickel, lead, tin and zinc) depends largely on the order book from certain industrial sectors. Consequently, the prices of these metals are very sensitive to the economic situation. For example, stockpiling in China has driven up the prices of copper and zinc.

The price of precious metals (such as gold or silver) is on the other hand rather stimulated by investor's demand. Silver plays, however, an increasingly larger role in the growing technology sector and can therefore easier profit from a rebound of the economy.

Be aware that the rates of each different metal evolve independently. Numerous possibilities are available for investors interested in metals, taking into account their own personal knowledge and experience in the different investment products.

Below we give you some possibilities. The list of examples is not exhaustive and is provided purely informative.


A Tracker is a type of "index fund". It tries to track the performance of a commodity, a stock market index or a basket of shares. It’s in fact a fund or basket of shares, which are continuously quoted on the stock market, just like shares.

Some examples of trackers which follow the price of metals:


Below you will find some of the largest European companies active in the metal industry, precious metals and minerals or mining. The stock price evolution of these companies is not always closely correlated with the prices of metal. The other factors that influence the performance of these companies are: cost structure, geographical implementation, business diversification, horizontal or vertical integration ...


A turbo is a stock market quoted investment product that works with a leverage effect, as a result of this; grant movements of the underlying value (such as shares, indexes and raw materials) can influence strongly the value of the turbo

Click on the secure site on trading, than on invest and afterwards on turbo/speeder. Then click on the button "zoek turbo" / "chercher turbo" (search turbo), select under asset category (asset categorie / catégorie d’actif) raw materials (grondstoffen / matières premières) and as underlying value (onderliggende waarde / valeur sous-jacente) you choose the metal in which you want to invest.

Some examples: aluminium, gold, copper, nickel, palladium, platinum, silver, zinc.


A fund is an investment product with which you invest in a sort of "category" of instruments, e.g. a specific sector, region, etc. The composition of the "basket of instruments" will always been determined by the fund manager (provider).

Keytrade Bank offers different funds that invest in metals. You can find these by filtering on the category “Energy/Natural Resources” in the search engine.


A futures contract is a standardized contract between two parties to buy or sell a specified asset of standardized quantity and quality at a specified future date at a price agreed today (the futures price).

The futures on metals are directly available on the Keytrade Pro platform.

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