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Invest in health care
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Health is playing an increasingly greater role in our ageing society. It is therefore obvious that the Healthcare sector is becoming increasingly important.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors do not consist only of manufacturing medicine but also of related activities such as research and development (R&D).

Investing in Healthcare therefore offers attractive opportunities. You can invest in Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies through Keytrade Bank.

A few examples are listed below. This is not an exhaustive list and serves only as an example. This list can therefore not be included as a form of investment advice.


A Tracker is a type of "index fund". It tries to track the performance of a commodity, a stock market index or a basket of shares. It’s in fact a fund or basket of shares, which are continuously quoted on the stock market, just like shares.

Some examples:


Some examples:

Warrants / Turbos

A turbo is a financial instrument that, thanks to leverage, enables you to react to every movement of the underlying asset. As a result, your asset is instantly reflected in the listing of the turbo with a multiplier effect.

Click on the secured website, on “Investing”, on “funds” and then on Turbos. Then click on “search” and enter the name of the underlying share or tracker in the search engine. The system will then automatically look for the Turbos on the respective underlying value.


With Keytrade Bank it is perfectly possible to invest in the Healthcare or biotech sector through funds, if you wish to do so. You can consult the transactional website for this. You will find “Investing” in the menu on the left. Click this and then click “Funds”.

You can then select the “Healthcare / Biotech” category in the fund search engine. You will then see a list of the search results in the category entered.

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