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Invest in gold
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In a volatile market, diversification of your portfolio is crucial. That is why an additional investment in gold could be interesting for your portfolio.

But how can you invest in gold at Keytrade Bank? There are lots of ways to invest in gold without buying it physically, and taking into account your own personal knowledge and experience in the different investment products.

Keytrade Bank cannot deliver gold physically, but we offer a range of products that allow you to invest in gold. The list of examples is not exhaustive and is provided purely for informative reasons.


A Tracker is a type of "index fund". It tries to track the performance of a commodity, a stock market index or a basket of shares. It’s in fact a fund or basket of shares, which are continuously quoted on the stock market, just like shares.

You invest in a "basket of shares" related to gold. Like this you diversify your risk.


Although stocks of companies who mine for gold could profit from the high gold price, some of these stocks do not have a direct correlation with the gold price. The reason for this is that some mines also dig other metals and because every mine has its own influencing factors (cost structure, geographical position, etc.).

Warrants / Turbos

A turbo is a stock market quoted investment product that works with a leverage effect, as a result of this; grand movements of the underlying value (such as shares, indexes and raw materials) can influence strongly the value of the turbo.

On the secured site please click on "Trading", then on "Invest" and afterwards on "Turbo ". If you type "Gold", the system automatically will search for all related turbos.

A warrant is an investment product, which gives the holder the right to buy (“call” warrant) or sell (“put” warrant) assets at a determined price on a certain date in the future. The most important difference with an option is that a warrant is a security provided by a financial institution or company and an option is a contract proposed by the stock market.

Search on "Name" and type in "Gold".


A fund is an investment product with which you invest in a sort of "category" of instruments, e.g. a specific sector, region, etc. The composition of the "basket of instruments" will always been determined by the fund manager (provider).

Keytrade Bank offers different funds that invest in gold. You can find these by filtering on the category “Energy/Natural Resources” in the search engine.

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