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A positive impact on your money and on society. That's what the sustainable investment style within Keyplan aims to achieve.

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    An investment style called 'sustainable'

    With Keyplan it is you who decides in which funds you invest. To make it easier for you, our experts have defined four investment styles (cautious, balanced, audacious, sustainable). One of which is completely composed with funds that may hold the 'sustainable' tag. It is even possible to compose a 'sustainable' Keyplan yourself with our à la carte method. 7 funds out of the 40 Keyplan funds have the tag.

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    Diversified and periodic investments

    Following the two golden rules of investing: with Keyplan you are spreading your investments over time and across different regions and sectors. This reduces your risks, as the return on a your investment plan is not guaranteed.

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    Sustainable as in Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

    At Keytrade Bank, funds are only tagged "sustainable" if they have a sustainable investment objective. This means that they need to fall under Article 9 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Do you need more info on the choices made in the investment policy by the fund managers? Be sure to read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and the prospectus of each fund.

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    Adapt at any time

    After you started investing, you can just let your Keyplan run and watch it grow. But if you want you can easily add additional amounts, pauze your investments temporarily, and of course check how your Keyplan is doing at any time in our app. 

    And you choose how much risk you want to take: stay cautious, take a balance approach, or be audacious. And if you want to choose all funds yourself, that's also possible.

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    No costs

    It's completely free of charge. There are no fees when you open a Keyplan, no management fees and you can also stop the investment plan for free.

Building a sustainable investment plan

In Keyplan, you will find various funds tagged as "sustainable". The selection of these funds and checking them against sustainability criteria was carried out by Keytrade Bank. In making the selection, we deliberately opted for an open fund architecture. That is why funds from different fund companies were chosen. Within Keyplan, 7 of the 40 funds carry this tag. The European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, also known as SFDR, has been in effect since 10 March 2021. This Regulation aims to prevent investment fund managers "greenwashing" their products and presenting them as being more sustainable than they actually are. This is why SFDR requires managers of collective investment undertakings (UCIs) to give full disclosure of how sustainable their investments are. More specifically, they need to indicate how they integrate environmental, social policy and governance (ESG) objectives into their investment policies. They must provide this information in the prospectuses for their funds and sub-funds. Based on this information, SFDR distinguishes three main fund categories. Article 9 covers funds with a sustainable objective. Funds that promote environmental and social characteristics, but do not have a sustainable investment objective, fall into the Article 8 category. Funds without environmental and social characteristics or without a sustainable objective only need to comply with Article 6 of SFDR.

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