Full Stack Developer - Front-end Chapter Lead (DBNK)

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    Medior (2 - 7y)

December 6, 2022
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About Keytrade Bank

Keytrade Bank is a young bank, where IT systems traditionally were all developed in house. Currently we are moving to a model where we focus on customer experience and innovative products, relying more and more on off-the-shelf products and services for the basic functionality. Where in the past, responsibilities were organized by technical competences, we now are organizing them per business domain, called Feature Team.

The creation of new products requires strong interaction between all IT fields: the back-end; the front-end, database, infrastructure, vendors and service providers.

Working in a small bank is very different than working in a big bank. Responsibilities are greater, knowledge broader. We have a very high growth rate and we are looking for motivated people willing to become part of our dynamic teams to help improve and transform its existing trading and banking system.

Currently we are refactoring our core systems and transforming them in micro services deployed on AWS following Domain Driven Design principles.



Belonging to a non-listed, cooperative mutualistic group with ambitious environmental and social commitments , Keytrade Bank understands its role and responsibility in society and how it can contribute to a better tomorrow. Our goal is to pave the way for our clients to take their own well-informed, sustainable and socially responsible decisions.


As a Chapter Lead:

  • You will help Feature Teams, architects and CIO into translating technical challenges, business requirements into tangible items in chapter backlog & FT backlog but also to define, monitor and implement the technical roadmap and strategy of the front-end platform of Keytrade Bank within the Product Factory.
  • You will, with the help of your chapters members, create and broadcast coding guidelines, best practices, implement toolings (hardware & software) and document for the developers who are using the technology you are responsible for.
  • You will motivate, challenge your chapter members, and give feedback to the SoS-es.
  • You will also drive with the Scrum of Scrums & chapter members the objectives of your chapter and implement them during the delivery trains.

We count on you to support architects, SoS-es & CIO to define, monitor and implement the technical roadmap and strategy of the NodeJS platform of Keytrade Bank within the Product Factory.

You will also be looking for improvements in technology, processes, way of working, etc... in order to always have the state of the art platform for your technology.

As a member of a Feature Team

  • You are a team player, always ready to share and discuss ideas in order to improve the existing, and to find solutions for new projects. Everyone is acknowledged for their role, and we need people with a strong sense of responsibility in our teams.
  • You like to work independently, find your own way, dealing with tasks from early requirements analysis until final implementation and testing.
  • You are open to interact with your colleagues, able to reach out for help when required and open to accept constructive criticism.
  • You are eager to learn about trading and banking related matters, and to continuously improve your technical baggage.

And when it comes to programming, you are meticulous and orderly, without losing your pragmatic attitude.


  • Academic degree in a technical field or a proven experience of at least 5 years in developing application and integration services
  • At least 4 years of experience with ReactJS or equivalent (an additional 2 years with React Native is a plus)
  • At least 3 years of experience with NodeJS or equivalent
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Be forward-looking. We need you in your role as Chapter Lead - together with the other leads - to create, build & support the platform of the bank
  • Be proactive, open to new ideas, and structured
  • Proven skills in technical translation of the business requirements and user stories
  • Capacity to work within a full Agile environment
  • Decent experience with SQL and No SQL databases (MSSQL, MySQL, Dynamo DB, Aurora DB, Mongo DB) and T-SQL)


  • Experience in developing in the following architecture patterns: micro services, APIs, event-driven
  • Experience in deployment with Docker containers on AWS
  • Experience with the CI/CD pipelines with GitLab & Jenkins

What we offer

  • A competitive salary with extra-legal advantages such as meal vouchers, group insurance, health insurance and many others
  • Continued education and access to trainings
  • Stepping stone for a continued career within Keytrade Bank
  • Large variation in projects and tasks
  • Open, inclusive culture and dynamic working environment

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