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Next Generation Portfolio Management
Invest in a personalised portfolio of trackers, actively managed by our experts. Starting from 15,000 EUR.
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Net returns per year

The net return is the return after the withdrawal of the management fees (0.9075% per year incl. VAT) and possible taxes.


Historical returns

Year to date -4,71%

This portfolio mainly invests in liquidities and bonds. The percentage of shares in the portfolio is restricted to a maximum of 15%.

Year to date -4,84%

This portfolio mainly focuses on bonds (75% maximum) and shares (50% maximum).

Year to date -4,50%

This portfolio focuses more on shares (65% maximum) and less on bonds (65% maximum).

Net return*
*The net return is the return after the withdrawal of the management fees (0.91% per year incl. VAT) and possible taxes.
Past performances are not a reliable indicator of future results.
*Past performances are not a reliable indicator of future results. The net return is the return after the withdrawal of the management fees (0.91% per year incl. VAT) and possible taxes. The return applies to a period from 01/01/2022 to 01/08/2022 and is based on an invested amount on 01/01/2022 for 3 risk profiles.

Based on the views and expectations of world players: Amundi, BlackRock,...

Know more about KEYPRIVATE

The key principles for good portfolio management

Optimal allocation

Many people think that they can achieve the best investment results by buying individual shares (‘stock picking’). But numerous studies have shown that the right ‘mix’ of major investment categories (also known as ‘asset classes’) accounts for 90% of the investment result.

That is why, with KEYPRIVATE, we put the emphasis on ‘asset allocation’: the optimal balance, based on your risk profile and according to the market context.

What’s more, when constructing portfolios, we select trackers, not individual shares, this allows us to substantially diversify risk. After all, every tracker is composed of dozens, sometimes hundreds of underlying assets. The result is a wider spread of potential risk.

Minimal costs

By investing in cost-efficient trackers, we can construct a widely diversified portfolio, without unnecessary costs.

Thanks to our highly technical platform, we are able to carry out the transactions in your portfolio without extra fees. And, naturally, you never have to pay custody fees at Keytrade Bank.

The only cost you pay is a low fixed management fee (0.91% per year incl. VAT, incl. transaction costs, excl. taxes), so overall you pay 2 to 3 times less than at a traditional portfolio management firm.

Constant rebalancing

Market movements or fluctuating performances of the various trackers may result in your portfolio no longer being efficient or optimal. For this reason, the investment committee meets once a month to assess your portfolio and adjust it, if need be.

This constant rebalancing ensures that the risk level of your portfolio continues to match your profile, while the expected return remains optimal.

A new service, same benefits

Anyone investing in KEYPRIVATE benefits from Keytrade Bank’s many years of expertise. As a leader in online banking in Belgium, Keytrade Bank has developed user-friendly, secure and accessible applications for everyday banking, investing and now also discretionary portfolio management.

No unnecessary costs

Costs are detrimental to the return on your capital. The use of cost-efficient trackers reduce the discretionary portfolio management fees to an absolute minimum.

Transparent price

You pay 0.91% per year, transaction costs and VAT incl. and taxes excl., on the amount of your discretionary managed portfolio. No entry fees, no exit fees, no transaction fees. Minimum investment € 15,000.

Available 24/7

Monitor the return of your portfolio, any time, any place, via an intuitive and handy dashboard.

Optimize your investments

Calculate your return

Calculate your return

I will invest(min 15 000 €)

No capital guarantee and no guaranteed return
The value of your assets can rise or fall. Selling at a less favourable time could mean that you could lose part or, in theory, even all of your invested capital.
The trackers in your portfolio involve both benefits and risks
Like any financial product, trackers are subject to risks. You can find more information about this at under 2.4.Trackers .
You have no say in the composition of your portfolio
In the case of discretionary asset management, the bank decides on your behalf. It determines what it believes is necessary for the proper management of your portfolio. In doing so, it continually defends your interests and ensures that it follows the investment strategy that has been carefully established together with you.
Sustainability risks within KEYPRIVATE
As KEYPRIVATE consists of trackers rather than individual shares, bonds or investment funds, sustainability risks cannot currently be used as a criterion in the investment decisions to be taken.
It is possible to take this into account in our KEYPRIVATE portfolio management only if the eight selected issuers apply this as a criterion when composing their tracker.


We organize on a regular basis info sessions concerning KEYPRIVATE, these take place throughout Belgium. During these sessions you can discover the benefits of KEYPRIVATE.

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