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KeyPension Blue pension savings
Save up to € 940 per year for your pension and take advantage of a tax deduction

Up to


282 € tax reduction

on a maximum tax-dedcutible amount of € 940 (in 2016).


100 % capital guarantee

At the end of your contract, you will receive at least 100% of your invested net premiums (i.e. your investment less the fees).

Subscribe to KeyPension Blue, a personal life insurance policy (branch 21) offered by insurer Delta Lloyd Life. KeyPension Blue helps you take full advantage of existing tax breaks and to supplement your pension.

Advantages of KeyPension Blue:

  • Capital guarantee: your KeyPension Blue pension savings is a branch 21 product. Unlike branch 23 products, this product has capital protection. In other words, at the end of the contract you will receive at least 100% of your investment (less the fees and taxes).
  • At your own speed: you are totally free to save an amount of your choice, knowing that the maximum legal amount for which you can qualify for a tax deduction is € 940 in 2016 (tax year 2017). You can pay the maximum legal amount all at once or at your own pace. You do not have to deposit money every year.
  • Tax reduction: every year, you will benefit from a tax reduction, equal to 30% of your annual investment (up to € 282 in 2016).
  • Convenient: you can subscribe to your KeyPension Blue contract entirely online.

Helpful tip

In the event of death, the established savings reserve will be paid to your chosen beneficiaries.

  • The capital from pension savings is taxed at 8%. You will be taxed at age 60 (if you start before age 55) or on the 10th anniversary of the contract (if you start from age 55).
  • If you end your contract (fully or partially) before maturity, the capital invested will be taxed at 33%.

Net return 2014: 1,70% (1)

KeyPension Blue offers you a potentially high return, although it is never guaranteed. The return consists of profit sharing beneficiary interest. This interest is variable and is fixed annually by Delta Lloyd Life according to its results.

See the returns of previous years in the FIF

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  • (1)Past returns are not a guarantee of future results.

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